15 Best Dental Websites Of 2021 & What They Got Right

Published Aug 21, 21
2 min read

Website Architecture: How To Structure Your Dental Website around Kalispell

The drop-down menu bar eliminates wordy content from the home page and offers the user with an . For cleint testimonials the site utilizes a star-based rating system, letting the patients provide both a star rating and written reviews. In the world of dentistry websites, this site is cutting edge.

We like that this site provides large clickable icons to social media, and also includes a clickable icon for leaving a Yelp review. The rather than the experience of a boring dental visit. This is one of the few dentist sites we found that, allowing the site visitor to get comfortable with the space before making the determination to book a visit - Find out more.

The color scheme utilizes the right amount of neutral and warm colors, providing a nice splash of blue to offset the neutral hues. best dental website seo. Front and center the office highlights that they were voted the best in Texas, and right under that the site visitor can click on patient reviews. Rather than hiding patient reviews this site immediately highlights them and to it first thing.

This site has which is maintained throughout all of the site’s pages. This site made our top winner list because of the up close photo with the overlay of the brand immediately draws the visitor in. The give the site a modern feel and the site overall has a contemporary feel, making the dentist practice seem relevant and with the times.

And, with over half of all internet searches coming from mobile devices, you need to make sure that however potential patients interact with your professional dental website, it’s easy to navigate and allows them to quickly find what they need. Site design is essential to professional and trustworthy marketing. Of all of the elements mentioned in this post, this is where it’s most worth hiring some professional help. Unless you’re both a dentist AND a web design expert, don’t waste your time trying to hammer a free website template into something you can use.

How A Custom Dental Website Can Help Your Practice Grow. in Kalispell, Montana

What others are saying about your practice online has an enormous influence - periodontist website. What others say about you solidifies trust in existing patients and inspires trust in prospective new patients. Which is why the best dental websites in 2020 provide plenty of social proof on their pages. In the case of your dental practice, building this “social proof” is one of the best things you can do to attract new patients and retain the ones you have.



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