18 Qualities Of Great Dental Websites

Published Aug 11, 21
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If you don’t have the resources for live chat, make sure you have a complete FAQ page and links to self-service options where it’s appropriate. And, if you use a chatbot, make sure its responses are true to your brand and marketing strategy. dental office website examples. 12. FAQs Because people don’t want to call your practice, they may abandon your site if they can’t find answers to basic questions (website design for dentist).

It will also save time for your team, as they'll field fewer inquiries via the phone or live chat. 13. Testimonials from satisfied patients provide proof that you can deliver on your promises of quality dental care. When your patients talk about the wonderful service, gentle and compassionate care, and stellar results your practice offers, outsiders are more likely to trust the information.

(Likely though, patients will be logging into your practice management software and NOT your website). On a related note, your website should include a rights reserved, privacy policy and copyright statement to protect your content, as well as your practice. 17. The unique design of your website won’t help you attract new patients if they can’t use it.

Even if it’s not mandated by law, your dental website should keep people with disabilities in mind. You’ll want to consider how your website works for people with impaired vision, impaired hearing, and impaired motor skills, as well as for those with cognitive disabilities and photosensitive seizures. Here are the qualities your website should have to be accessible.

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No tables, or simple tables that assistive readers can interpret. There are numerous accessibility plugins that you can use if you have a Word, Press website. Please note-we are not endorsing or recommending any particular accessibility plugin. Do your research and determine the best one for you and your practice.

You’ve put a lot of care into making your waiting room look and feel inviting, practical, and aesthetically pleasing—a place where your patients don’t mind hanging out. But have you given the same care and attention to your website? Your website is essentially the door to your practice. If it’s not also inviting, functional, and aesthetically pleasing for visitors, they’ll never make it to your beautiful waiting room.

Luckily, we’ve done the research for you. Below you’ll find an analysis of what we consider to be extremely effective dental websites—and how you can make yours stand out. Here are 5 of the best dental websites we’ve seen: 1. CT Braces, CT Braces’s website capitalizes on responsiveness and personalization.

3. Tingey OrthodonticsTingey Orthodontics appeals to a wide variety of people with this diverse, highly inclusive background. Even from the landing page, their brand emerges as one that considers diversity and inclusivity important. In its unification of visitors under a common purpose/cause, it stands out from the pack by inviting the web visitor to become part of a movement, not just an orthodontics clientele.

Top 10 Dental Practice Websites Of 2021

With its many posts and advice sections, it demonstrates all around care and great content. Glo Modern also doesn’t shy away from media or awards - orthodontist website design. It features them. This acts as a huge promo for the practice. Glo Modern links to a number of dental media articles and displays its #1 ranking proudly in front, one of only two lines on the feature landing page.

Not only is this informative and ethos building, it leads the patient back to Modern Dental with greater confidence that she has made the right decision and has the skills and knowledge to recognize what makes a great practice - best dental website companies. This website also features a wealth of excellent content, setting it apart from the ordinary dentist website.

When you spend thousands of hours a year working on something, every once in a while it can be good to stop and take a look at the landscape. We've decided to do just that for Dentist SEO. Here at The Diamond Group, we devote thousands of hours a year to dentists working on their websites, branding, and SEO.

It's this devotion to the work that keeps us listed as a top dental marketing company. For this blog, we thought it would be interesting to look at the total landscape of dentists doing SEO work, and see if we could locate the websites that were over performing. The Tom Brady's of dental SEO.

6 Must-have Dental Website Features in Kalispell

Questions like: Why is this website ranking over mine? What are they doing better than we are? How much content do I need to have to rank at the top? What is the true value of dentist SEO? Dentist SEO Value Increases With Market Size We started the process by looking at individual markets - More info.



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