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Published Oct 02, 21
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Website Architecture: How To Structure Your Dental Website

Reviews that are places right near the explanation of the procedure is key as well. This way they know how to gauge you and great reviews mean you are that much closer to a new patient. Education about technology is also a must. Talk about veneers, whitening, implants and such.

It would be wise to leverage this - More info. Really play up the before and after pictures and get people interested. What about invisilign? This is a great seller and should be at the forefront of your sales effort. Search engines must be able to find your website otherwise, as we said, it’s just a pretty piece of space junk that no one will find.

So, what makes a website searchable? First, it has to be in the right category so your site title and URL must reflect that you are a dental office and if it can reflect where your office is then all the better. website development for dentists. All your copy and content must have the correct keywords that people are searching for right now.

Your posts still continue in the mean-time but your keywords will change for subsequent posts. Your old content can be refreshed as well. This means on a more established site you can make it more searchable and refresh the content like this. Rewrite the page copy from time to time to include newer, more relevant content.

Also do some video blogs with you talking to the patient. That makes things more personable. The prospective client will want to be able to make an appointment after business hours from the website. This will be helpful to those are working during business hours. Making an appointment can be challenging at that time for many.

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Appointment setting can be done one of two ways or a little of both. First, they can e mail the office through the website. Then, when they receive it—the patient care coordinator will be able to call the patient and confirm. You can have any of the hundreds of appointment apps that your digital marketer will know about and set up on the website.

When you make things very flexible for the patient they are much more likely to book an appointment on the spot. The bottom line is flexibility, search engine friendly and a space that the prospective patient can actually book an appointment without the hassle. They also need to be able to sum you up from moment one on the website.

How do you specialize? What procedures do you do? Are you a one dentist firm or a dental group? Introduce them to your team to make things more personable. Have each person do a short bio and get the patient to know the staff before they get there. The whole point of that is to make them feel safe and secure.

Then last but not least you need to have a section demonstrating the technology you have. If you have the latest for any procedure, you’ll need to show it. The best way to do that is in the FAQS section. Make it interesting and add your video of the technology into the FAQS page as well as a section all to itself.

Always make sure there are several calls to action and you are good to go building the practice wisely.



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